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You get one brain, one body

Treat them well.

Powerful, gentle, effective therapies for pain relief, injury recovery, metabolic balance, and a wonderful life.




Your Brain is boss 

No part of you exists without direct communication with your brain and nervous system.  Isn't it time you treat your Brain?  As a busy woman, you don't want to be sidelined with chronic pain or injury holding you back from all you love to do. Yet, women often find themselves challenged by fatigue, mood challenges, recurring colds, insomnia, anxiety, stagnant digestion and elimination, neuromuscular injuries, and those mysterious ailments that remain undiagnosed. Doctors tell you, "Live with it," when you know you don't want to live with it! You want to TREAT IT and get back into the FLOW of your body and your life. Brain, and Lymphatic therapies that regulate your fluid balance, are critically important for a balanced healthy body. Here at Bodhisattva Healing Arts, you can receive a wide range of treatments that restore balance to the brain and nervous system, lymphatics, fascia, muscles, and bones. You feel the deep effects in the harmony it restores creating a lightness of being and a deeper sense of presence and wellness.

 Choose Brain & Lymphatic Therapy for a supple body and a happy, relaxed, mind.

Complete the form below to request an appointment Mon-Fri,10am to 5pm, and include your preferred day and time in your request. Sessions are $165.00. Insurance is not accepted for payment.


Thank you. I will respond within 24 hours.

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