Patricia Anahata Little, B.S. LMT


I have been devoted to the transformational journey of injury recovery for the past two decades by overcoming a series of serious, complex physical injuries with complex concussions. Injury opened up a new life for me, making me a continuous student of healing, committed to easing the suffering of others from excellent training and my experiences of what I was able to overcome. 


I never settled for pain even though I was told by many doctors that would be necessary. 

You shouldn't settle for pain either.  Pain is a great teacher, no doubt, but it should not be indulged or become a lifestyle, or worse yet, a crutch to avoid the next adventure in life. Pain did teach me to see beyond the veil of my present beliefs and expand my ideas into new possibilities of treatment in order to recover my health, thrive, and be fluid and confident in my body.  


My practice integrates modern scientific inquiry and evidence based medical manual therapy treatments, primarily lymphatic drainage, lymphatic fascial release, and osteopathic cranial techniques, to help the brain and nervous system function optimally.  For the most part, these are gentle techniques that can help you transform a painful body into a body of confident flow just as I did.  Join me!

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