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Lymphatic Therapy and Autoimmune Disease

Can lymphatic therapy assist in the treatment and management of autoimmune diseases?

You bet it can!

Autoimmune disease comes with inflammation, inflammation is a serious precursor to metabolic dysfunction because of the extra stress the organs experience trying to function on behalf of your immune system. Simply, the channels get congested, your body does not detoxify properly and the cellular waste lingers in your system. Lymphatic therapy creates an optimal fluid pressure. In once session the lymphatic system can increase fluid volume by thirty times! Additionally, the Chikly Lymphatic approach that I practice allows me to specifically drain the viscera singularly and in relationship to the other organs and cavities in the brain, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. This significant'y reduces the symptoms of autoimmune disease including fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, stiffness, and depression.

I am inspired to share this review with you--it is a "filtered" review on Yelp--filtered because their computers might be thinking this is "too good to be true." Well, it is real, and this Bainbridge Island woman had significant improvement in her health as a result of one, just one, five minute tutorial I gave standing in her yard while I picked up my pooch from dog care one afternoon. I showed her a series of exercises to perform to pump her lymph. Now, if you know anything about autoimmune disease, the idea of giving exercises is quite unpopular to the client because they usually do not have much energy to do anything, let alone rehabilitation exercises, but because these movements were so simple, this woman was willing to try them and she received outstanding results.

"In 2002 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.  Since the onset of my illness, I, a type A and very optimistic person, have sought many traditional as well as alternative treatments in order to resume a good - albeit much more limited - lifestyle.  They include visiting many medical specialists, enduring medical tests and procedures such as sleep labs, nerve stimulation, etc., as well as drinking nauseous tea blends, eating various diets, and more in order to treat this mysterious and medically complicated disease.  A short time ago I met a Anahata who is a licensed massage therapist specializing in soft tissue rehabilitation and pain free living.  Traditional medicine and even various alternative treatments never informed me as to the importance of the lymphatic system to the disease of lupus.  Anahata was the first to do so, to give me the proper exercises to practice, and to make such a dramatic difference in my health and well being.  Just a short time ago I made my annual trek to visit my Rheumatologist and was informed that my blood pressure has consistently remained at 194/84 for the past year.  Quite concerning as that is stroke level!  Afterwards I met Anahata who began immediately to treat my lymphatic system and at a visit to my general practitioner yesterday - to everyone's amazement - my blood pressure was 132/62.  The only difference I've made is to regularly practice the exercises taught to me by Anahata to help clear my lymphatic system.  I am so grateful to Anahata for her treatments!  I cannot recommend her enough to anyone suffering from autoimmune diseases."

Unfortunately, she did not follow up with me for an actual session to perform the work to the viscera and brain that would have created even greater results. If you are struggling with autoimmune challenges, particularly chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, I encourage you to make a full appointment where you will receive treatment and exercises to perform at home which will aid your body in normal lymphatic flow between treatment sessions. ©

"You get one brain, one body, treat them well." ™

Patricia Anahata Little BS LMT

Brain & Lymphatic Therapist

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